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The British Invade America’s Next Top Model

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Cycle 18 of America’s Next Top Model is bringing a new twist to the modeling competition: It’s no longer just Americans gunning for the coveted titled.  Reports have been coming in for a week or so now about this new twist that Tyra Banks came up with for this season.

Instead of there being 13 or 14 women from across the country, we get seven women from the states and seven women from across the pond.  A little extra twist this season is that the seven British girls are considered – in a way – to be Next Top Model All-Stars since they competed on Britain’s Next Top Model.

This Season’s Models

There will be 14 models this cycle.  However, I have not been able to find out about it been the seven American’s against the seven Britain contestants.

The American Girls
  • AzMarie Livingston, 24, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Candace Smith, 22, Brooklyn, New York
  • Ebonee Davis, 18, Seattle, Washington
  • Kyle Gober, 20, Magnolia, Texas
  • Laura LaFrate, 20, Scotia, New York
  • Mariah Watchman, 20, Pendleton, Oregon
  • Seymone Roth, 19, Augusta Georgia
The British Girl
  • Alisha White, 20, London, England
  • Annaliese Dayes, 24, London England
  • Ashley Brown, 22, West Lothian, Scotland
  • Catherine Thomas, 22, Kent, England
  • Jasmia Robinson, 24, London, England
  • Louise Watts, 25, Essex, England
  • Sophie Sumner, 21, Oxfordshire, England
Guest Judges

Small Screen Scoop gave us a heads up who will be guest judges for this cycle:

A New Judge on Panel

Kelly Cutrone will be replacing André Leon Talley this cycle.  There is speculation that Cutrone’s persona will bring some dramatics to this cycle that have been missed since Janice Dickinson was on the series, according to a post on TV Over Mind.  The same post also states that she is a great replacement for Talley since she has been involved with several different areas of fashion  and her previous experience on reality TV shows will make this adjustment easier.

Prizes for This Cycle

According to an article on People Magazine‘s website, the prizes for this cycle are as follows:

This Cycle & Onward

This cycle will be interesting of course.  However, according to an article on, Banks and the rest of the Top Model crew is already planning on casting for cycles 19 and 20.  One has to wonder if these cycles – given the last two – will involve some sort of All-Star themed and will have top model hopefuls from other countries.

Cycle 18 premiers on February 29th.


My Favorite The Glee Project Music Videos

I was thinking about how pumped I am for the next The Glee Project episode until I realized that it’s over 😦 / :-).  So, since it’s over…here are my favoite music videos from the season:

And probably my all time favorite video is:

Glee is Shaking Things Up

The TV show Glee has announced some cast change ups towards the end of last week:

  • Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson) & Harry Shum (Mike Chang) are now series regulars…or at least for season 3
  • Ashley Fink (who plays Lauren Zizes) is expected to have a reduced amount of episodes
  • Chord Overstreet-Sam ‘Trouty Mouth’ Evens won’t be back as a series regular for season three and Overstreet tweeted:

All though it is unclear of what the possible story lines may come up now with Overstreet now not a series regular; the question of Sam & Mercedes Jones’ (played by Amber Riley) clearly is either a summer fling or it will most likely play out with in the first episode or two of the season.  Possibly how they will write out Overstreet’s character is that Sam’s father or daughter might get a job offer elsewhere.

Also, we won’t find out who The Glee Project winner is until August; so we only have to wait to see who else will appear on Glee.

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The Glee Project Episode 2

For the second episode of the new series The Glee Project, the homework challenge is theatrically while singing Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance.’  This week’s special guest star is Idina Menze (who played Rachel’s mother in the series); who tells the contestants apart of theatricality is being yourself.

The contestants did a great job performing Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ as they where trying to be theatrical.  This winner of the homework challenge was Alex since he stood out the most; which means during their dream sequence in the high school cafeteria of outsiders music video shoot for the Twisted Sister;s song ‘We’re Not Going to Take It,’ Alex is going to get a featured spot in the video.

During the music video shot, Ellis has some self confidence when it comes to an on camera kiss; but she dishes about it:

For Hannah, she felt that her look didn’t fit her personality.  The contestants where having a hard time breaking out of the box in terms of committing to the music video.

The music video was very interesting.  It didn’t seem as Glee like as last week’s ‘Firework’ Music Video seemed.  But, with a few new characters for season 3 of Glee; who says that the whole style of the music won’t change.

The people who had to do call back performances where

McKynleigh got to sing ‘Piece of my Heart’

Matheus got to sing ‘Gives you Hell’

Ellis got to sing ‘Mack the Knife’

Ellis’ performance went really well.  I can see Ellis’ character on Glee going head-to-head with Rachel or Quinn or both of them.

Matheus did a good job with his performance.  He brought a good energy to the song ‘Give You Hell.’  I think Matheus’ character could possibly be slightly shy or something along those lines for the first two episodes or something.  But I can see Matheus’ character could end up as the next male caption after Finn graduates.

McKynleigh did an alright job at her song.  I hope that if McKynleigh gets the role on Glee; her character would give Mercedes a run for her money.  After all, Mercedes is the only African-American on the show currently-in the a main character role-and the only female African-american that has been in a starring role.  But, I also hope that if McKynleigh gets the role, she would be the opposite of Mercedes.

Sadly I won’t get the chance to see if I am right about Ellis’ character :(.

Follow the constants on twitter:

The Glee Project Episode 1

Very much like in the show Glee, The Glee Project members are going to have ‘homework’ and themes.  For this week, the contestants theme of the week is individuality and their homework for the week is Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.”

Darren Criss is the Guest Judge of the week.  So, Darren gets to help out the contestants and give them feedback.

When the challenge is over, Matheus wins a feature role in the group’s performance of Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’

During choreography practice, the contestants talk with Zach about what the contestants want their character’s on Glee to be like.

During the constants first recording  studio experience with Nikki and each of the constants feel differently about how well they did.

Erik White gets to shot the videos for The Glee Project.

The theme for this week’s music video is yearbook picture day.

During Matheus one-on-one with Darren Criss; Darren gives Matheus some good advice that helped him out with the music video.

The three that didn’t make the callback list are Ellis, Bryce, & Damian.

Ellis had to sing: ‘Big Spender

Bryce had to sing: ‘Just the Way You Are

Damian had to sign: ‘Jessie’s Girl

Damian was the first one up to sing.  I really liked Damian’s performance; mainly because of his Irish accent.  I can see Damian’s character on Glee just having transferred in from Ireland and adding a ton of drama in terms of possible love triangles.

Bryce’s performance of ‘Just the Way You Are’ wasn’t my favorite.  But I can so see Bryce’s character on Glee give Puckerman a run for his money in terms of being Glee‘s resident ‘bad boy.’

I really didn’t like Ellis’ performance.  I can’t picture what kind of role she would have in Glee.

Bryce was the unlucky one that didn’t get called back for next week’s episode.

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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 Winner Is

Ivan from IMG talked with both girls about why they wanted to models.  After words, the girls go through their CoverGirl day.

The girls find out that the product that they will be promoting in their commercial and print ad is the new Lip Perfection.  The unique thing about this commercial is that the girls where filmed from three different angles at once.

Molly’s commercial was a bit rocky while she was filming; whereas Brittani’s commercial seemed to go well while filming.  Both of their photo shots seemed to go well for CoverGirl.

When the girls arrived back at their model apartment; Molly’s parents where there.  Molly was of course happy that her parents where there; Brittani was disappointed because of the fact that her mother has a hard time leaving the apartment.  However, Brittani and her mother where able to talk via video chat.

For the runway show, the girls had to walk in several rooms like the runway teach that Brittani had won a few episodes back; in several different rooms.  So Brittani had a slight advantage.

Even with the slight advantage; Molly and Brittani where neck and neck.  Both of them rocked the runway; all though Brittani had a slight slip-or rather a large one.  Brittani fell prior to the last runway walk.  However, even with that fall; Brittani was still able to pull of a convincing runway walk at the end.

After the runway show ended, the girls found out that they where going to get one last makeover prior to the final judging.  Thankfully, Mr. Jay tweeted this earlier today with two pics:

@MrJayManuel#ANTM 16 finale 2nite @ 9/8c. We make the toughest decision ever… who should win?

I really like the make over that the girls received prior to judging.  Mainly since this is the first time that this has ever happened.

During the judging; the judges looked over the girls runways, commercial, and CoverGirl pics.

This is Molly’s CoverGirl Print Ad:

I think that Molly’s CoverGirl print ad is good.  But I really don’t like the over the shoulder action that she is doing here.

This is Brittani’s CoverGirl Print Ad:

I really love Brittani’s CoverGirl print ad.  All though the hand that is touching her hair looks really large; I think that Brittani’s ad is really amazing.

When the judges let the girls go so they could decided who would be the winner; it seemed that they leaned a lot towards Molly.  But, Brittani won.

All though Molly had top photos 3 times, Brittani’s look is truly amazing.

Congrats Brittani

One Tree Hill Season 9 is Happening

According to the following Tweet by @seventeenmag:

@CW_network just announced another season of #OneTreeHill! @StephenColletti stopped by to talk about tonight’s ep:

Granted, I haven’t been watching One Tree Hill that much in the last few months due to me falling in love with Glee & school related stuff.  But I am happy to see that the there will be a 9th season.

According to a blog post at:, season 9 has been picked up for 13 episodes.  However, James Lafferty returning to the show is still up in the air.  Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton’s Website had this statement about Lafferty returning to the show for season 9:

James Lafferty has yet to sign a deal, but is interested in appearing on the show part-time.

From the context of what Hilton had posted in the same blog post; the following statement also applies to Lefferty’s possibility of not returning:

Hey, we don’t blame the guy for wanting to change it up a bit. But, looks like OTH is a solid gig. Why give it up?

But, the basic overview of the 13 episodes according to the post is:

Season 9 will introduce us to Brooke (Sophia Bush) and Julian (Austin Nichols) navigating parenthood, while Brooke and Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) team up to reopen Karen’s Cafe in Tree Hill. Also on deck for Season 9? The return of Dan Scott (Paul Johansson), which is sure to have a profound impact on our beloved characters

According to an article on WWWayTV:

The CW is set to announce its fall line-up Thursday.

So we should know on Thursday what day of the week One Tree Hill will land on.  The article on WWWayTV’s website wrote this statement about the possible reason why One Tree Hill was picked up:

Twitter has been a buzz with fans and insiders pushing for at least one last partial season to wrap up the story of a group of friends from the fictional town of Tree Hill, NC. The show’s official Twitter account has encouraged fans to “Let the network know you don’t want it to be the series finale!” and “The cast is in 4 season 9! Are U? Let the CW know U want season 9!”

All though that OTH will be around for at least 13 episodes for the upcoming season; there is the very real possibility that season 9 will be the last season.  After all, we’ve seen pretty much every single possible storyline happen.

But, I am happy that we will have the series around for a few more months.

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