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Long Time, No Blog Post

September 30, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I’ve actually posted on this blog.  In part because I spent posting on Bemidji Summer 2012 in which I had done 100 days worth of blog posts.  Then I started blogging on a blog without the “wordpress” part of the URL: so I’d have a portfolio of sorts.

But I figured I’d do a throwback just cause.

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Wikis Quickly Revisited

February 13, 2012 Leave a comment

After my last blog post, I went back and worked on a wiki page for Bemidji State University.  All though I still want to inset photos, I am happy with learning how to work with the Wiki and I came with with a layout that I like.  On the right hand side, I put the undergraduate majors and the graduate programs; and on the left hand, I had put basic information about the school there.  I think considering I’ve never really used Wikis before, this is a good jumping off point thus far.

Truth or Silence

February 7, 2012 1 comment

Here’s a question I have for the masses:

If honest is the best policy and if you nothing to nice to say, don’t say anything are the things we taught as children, what happens if when you’re honest, you say something hurtful?

This is one of the age old questions…or at least a question that’s worth asking.  After all, aren’t we all taught that lying is bad and that being truthful is respected?

According to an article written by Dr. Bella DePaulo, Dr. BePaulo states in terms of romantic relationships if it’s a small one:

In romantic relationships that are not married relationships, people lie in one out of every three conversations.  With a spouse, they lie in one out of every 10 conversations.

Dr. DePaulo does state that it is unclear why people start lying less once they are married.  Yet, when it comes to lies about affairs or other serious things in a romantic relationship, then the person will lie about that.

Yahoo actually had an opinion piece published in 2007.  The opinion, entitle “5 Lies Told by Men in Relationships” posted by Michelle Knudson states five things men lie about.  They are:

  1. My ex was crazy
  2. I would never do that to you babe
  3. I’m sorry
  4. I’m not ready to get married
  5. They ask you to get married to soon

All though I can respect Knudson’s point of view on these lies being told in a romantic relationship.  But men aren’t the only ones that use these lies.

Now in terms of the truth in friendships, a website called Fearless Living had a post that stated:

Friends are only friends if they are willing to tell you the truth. Otherwise, they are just mere acquaintances.

In other words: you should not lie to people who are you’re friends, because otherwise they aren’t your friends.

Regardless of all of that, I don’t think there is any way to know what is the right thing to do.  After all, if telling the truth was the best thing, then we wouldn’t have to hold back the things that aren’t nice.

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Donuts Are an Easy Way to Explain Social Media

February 6, 2012 3 comments

Today, I was looking on my Facebook homepage feed and saw a photograph that showed different ways that people can convey the same message.  Or at the very least, the photograph showcases how people can share a message about one specific item on the different social media websites.

I first saw this photograph posted on my friend’s, Amanda Bardonner‘s Facebook page.  Since Bardonner – like so many other people – shared this picture, I figured I’d send it out via blog post since this semester in #en3177, we are taking a look at different social media websites.

I’m sure that the professor of this course at the University of Washington Information School isn’t exactly thrilled that their intellectual property has landed itself onto Facebook.  But at least the student who took this photo was back channeling, unless if it was the professor who took this photo.  Regardless of who posted this photograph, I have to wonder if intellectual property extends to something that someone posts onto their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Back on January 25, 2012, I cited Rettberg’s 3rd Chapter from her book about how Facebook basically owns anything that’s posted on Facebook.  So there is that question that people have to ask themselves I think.

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A Power Rangers Star FYI

February 4, 2012 Leave a comment

I decided today to watch Power Rangers Samurai this evening since I wanted to check it out.  While watching one of the later episodes in the first season – of what I can tell will be at least a two season series – of this spin off series, I realized that Paul Schrier had yet got himself signed up for another season of his character Bulk.  Over all, Schrier has appeared in nine different seasons – two of which he voiced monsters – as seen below:

Series Years Episodes Notes
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers 1993-1996 144
Power Rangers Zeo 1996 8
Power Rangers Turbo 1997 44
Power Rangers in Space 1998 43
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy 1999 6
Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue 2000 1 Voiced a monster
Power Rangers Time Force 2001 1 Voiced a monster
Power Rangers Wild Force 2002 1
Power Rangers Samurai 2011-Present NA

He also appeared in the Power Rangers movies Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.  Over all then, Schrier is probably one of the most seen – all though not well known to some extent I’m sure – character from the series.

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I Learned a New Term From #en3177

January 28, 2012 3 comments

During the first week of class this term, I learned a new term that is important for anyone who uses online social network sites – such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc – should know: bookmarklets.  All though I have used/seen the “Press This” bookmarklet before for WordPress, I’ve never known the proper term for it before.  Bookmarklets seem to to make things to easier in a sense.  I actually found a bookmarklet for twitter so I can insert symbols into my tweets:

Post Rettberg Chapter 2, Pre-Rettberg Chapter 3

January 24, 2012 4 comments

As I am thinking about the reading for yesterday’s en3177 class, I cannot help but ponder about social networks since that’s what the third chapter of the text for the class.  I wanted to put out my short viewpoint prior to being influenced by the text.

Good or Bad?

I have had the conversation about whether or not Facebook is good or not.  The reason why we’ve had this conversation – or why I have had this conversation with so many people – is that our society has become so focused on the usage of social media.  We all agree that all though Facebook and Twitter have it’s perks, you loose the face-to-face interaction with your friends.  Yet, you get to keep up to date on what ever your friends are doing even if you don’t see them on a regular basis.

I personally think that Facebook is good, but I was able to keep up to date with my friends prior Facebook and cell phones.  So Facebook only makes it more easy to keep up to date with my friends.  Does that make it Good or Bad?

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