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Seeing how today is Valentine’s Day, I’d look at Twitter and see what was trending.  Some of the things that where trending in United States are:

Probably the must interesting trending topics is #LoveNotes.  Here are some tweets I found:

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Wikis Quickly Revisited

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After my last blog post, I went back and worked on a wiki page for Bemidji State University.  All though I still want to inset photos, I am happy with learning how to work with the Wiki and I came with with a layout that I like.  On the right hand side, I put the undergraduate majors and the graduate programs; and on the left hand, I had put basic information about the school there.  I think considering I’ve never really used Wikis before, this is a good jumping off point thus far.

Work on Wikis

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For Weblogs & Wikis, we had to read up on working on Wikis.  To be honest, this will probably be the hardest thing for me in the class.  The reason is because unlike blogging and Twitter; I, like my classmate Ivory Hilliard, I have never dipped my toes in a Wiki.

Not Picture Perfect Yet

The thing I have learned about working with the class wiki is that the pictures will be the hardest part for me.  I attempted to insert a picture into the wiki page I did on Bemidji State University and the wiki page on me.  I think that this is due to the fact that I have worked with blog posts enough to know how blog posts and pictures work.

I Googled how to put a picture in a Wiki and Wikipedia has a page on it.  That page seems slightly helpful, but not really.  And of course, looking at other pages on the class wiki isn’t as helpful as I would like.

Markup is for Magazines, Markdown is for Wikis

I believe that apart of the issue for the picture issue is that I don’t understand the markdown process.  Markdown just being the style in which we write on the pages.  I am use to HTML to an extent since I use to work on the BSU Student Senate website last year.

Bringing in Levinson on Wikis

Something I can see the upside about Wikis and Wikipedia is that they bring in sources on information on a topic much quicker than having to do several Google searches.  All though Levinson refers to Tim Russert’s death – who ever that is – in this book, I will use the example Whitney Houston’s Death.

Whitney Houston’s Death

Yesterday at 12:45 PM, my cell phone received this tweet from one of the people I’m following:

I did not see this tweet nearly four plus hours later since I was busy doing an interview process for the BSU Res Life department.  In over a day, Houston’s Wikipedia page grew from a short paragraph on here death to this:

The nice thing about Wikipedia is that the footnotes that each page has – or should have – is that they bring the reader to the website that the info is taken from.

Newspaper or Encyclopedia?  Both?  Neither?

Levinson asks what Wikipedia is?  To be honest, I view Wikipedia to be the jumping off point of research.  The reason why is because Wikipedia is updated fast, but it does give the resources that the writer of the page(s) used.

Now, the nice thing about Wikis – and according to class, Wikipedia is a wiki – is that they, like blogs, can focus on a particular subject matter.  Wikipedia is marketed as an online encyclopedia and it basically is.  But the nice thing about wikis on particular subject matters is that you have people working on the same information to get it right.

Writing Prompt #114

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It’s a Thursday night, I have a full schedule until next weekend, and I have which ever common cold or flu that’s going around campus.  So here’s a pretty good writing prompt: write about the last cold you had and when you had a ton of things to do for school or for work.

Truth or Silence

February 7, 2012 1 comment

Here’s a question I have for the masses:

If honest is the best policy and if you nothing to nice to say, don’t say anything are the things we taught as children, what happens if when you’re honest, you say something hurtful?

This is one of the age old questions…or at least a question that’s worth asking.  After all, aren’t we all taught that lying is bad and that being truthful is respected?

According to an article written by Dr. Bella DePaulo, Dr. BePaulo states in terms of romantic relationships if it’s a small one:

In romantic relationships that are not married relationships, people lie in one out of every three conversations.  With a spouse, they lie in one out of every 10 conversations.

Dr. DePaulo does state that it is unclear why people start lying less once they are married.  Yet, when it comes to lies about affairs or other serious things in a romantic relationship, then the person will lie about that.

Yahoo actually had an opinion piece published in 2007.  The opinion, entitle “5 Lies Told by Men in Relationships” posted by Michelle Knudson states five things men lie about.  They are:

  1. My ex was crazy
  2. I would never do that to you babe
  3. I’m sorry
  4. I’m not ready to get married
  5. They ask you to get married to soon

All though I can respect Knudson’s point of view on these lies being told in a romantic relationship.  But men aren’t the only ones that use these lies.

Now in terms of the truth in friendships, a website called Fearless Living had a post that stated:

Friends are only friends if they are willing to tell you the truth. Otherwise, they are just mere acquaintances.

In other words: you should not lie to people who are you’re friends, because otherwise they aren’t your friends.

Regardless of all of that, I don’t think there is any way to know what is the right thing to do.  After all, if telling the truth was the best thing, then we wouldn’t have to hold back the things that aren’t nice.

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Donuts Are an Easy Way to Explain Social Media

February 6, 2012 3 comments

Today, I was looking on my Facebook homepage feed and saw a photograph that showed different ways that people can convey the same message.  Or at the very least, the photograph showcases how people can share a message about one specific item on the different social media websites.

I first saw this photograph posted on my friend’s, Amanda Bardonner‘s Facebook page.  Since Bardonner – like so many other people – shared this picture, I figured I’d send it out via blog post since this semester in #en3177, we are taking a look at different social media websites.

I’m sure that the professor of this course at the University of Washington Information School isn’t exactly thrilled that their intellectual property has landed itself onto Facebook.  But at least the student who took this photo was back channeling, unless if it was the professor who took this photo.  Regardless of who posted this photograph, I have to wonder if intellectual property extends to something that someone posts onto their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Back on January 25, 2012, I cited Rettberg’s 3rd Chapter from her book about how Facebook basically owns anything that’s posted on Facebook.  So there is that question that people have to ask themselves I think.

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What is the Beast’s Name?

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My Resident Assistant Co-Worker  friend, Larisa and I where talking about what see has going to do for her February bulletin board.  Larisa and I gotten onto the topic of what the name of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast is.

According to Larisa, it’s “Prince Adam.”  After jokingly saying that she ruined a childhood memory – which she didn’t, but instead gave me reason to spend some time Googling – by telling me this.

So this is what I found out:

Yahoo Answers

According to one of the Yahoo Answer pages, a PC Triva Game called “The D Show” revealed it.  I followed the wikipedia link to Beauty and the Beast‘s page.  According to the footnote referring to the Beast’s name, the D Show – from what I can best guess – was created in 1998.

According to a different Yahoo Answers page, The Beast’s name was “Qasim” in one of the original versions of the script.

Different Forums Answer the Question

According to someone with the screen name of “Witches or Morva” on micechat.com, the animators who worked on the movie gave him the name and that this isn’t an uncommon thing for them to do with “unnamed” characters – even though I spent the majority of my life until January of 2012 believing that the Beast’s name was simple “Beast” since I’ve never heard the name Adam before.  However, according to someone on the same forum page named “lesmisfan,” stated that they heard from “quite a few Disney employees” that the name of the Beast is “Vincent.”

According to the Disney Wikia, the name of the Beast is Prince Adam.  It then seems pretty fair to say that it is Prince Adam.

The Beast/Prince Adam’s name is also mentioned on the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) as what other sites stating the same thing about it being Prince Adam.

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