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The British Invade America’s Next Top Model

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Cycle 18 of America’s Next Top Model is bringing a new twist to the modeling competition: It’s no longer just Americans gunning for the coveted titled.  Reports have been coming in for a week or so now about this new twist that Tyra Banks came up with for this season.

Instead of there being 13 or 14 women from across the country, we get seven women from the states and seven women from across the pond.  A little extra twist this season is that the seven British girls are considered – in a way – to be Next Top Model All-Stars since they competed on Britain’s Next Top Model.

This Season’s Models

There will be 14 models this cycle.  However, I have not been able to find out about it been the seven American’s against the seven Britain contestants.

The American Girls
  • AzMarie Livingston, 24, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Candace Smith, 22, Brooklyn, New York
  • Ebonee Davis, 18, Seattle, Washington
  • Kyle Gober, 20, Magnolia, Texas
  • Laura LaFrate, 20, Scotia, New York
  • Mariah Watchman, 20, Pendleton, Oregon
  • Seymone Roth, 19, Augusta Georgia
The British Girl
  • Alisha White, 20, London, England
  • Annaliese Dayes, 24, London England
  • Ashley Brown, 22, West Lothian, Scotland
  • Catherine Thomas, 22, Kent, England
  • Jasmia Robinson, 24, London, England
  • Louise Watts, 25, Essex, England
  • Sophie Sumner, 21, Oxfordshire, England
Guest Judges

Small Screen Scoop gave us a heads up who will be guest judges for this cycle:

A New Judge on Panel

Kelly Cutrone will be replacing André Leon Talley this cycle.  There is speculation that Cutrone’s persona will bring some dramatics to this cycle that have been missed since Janice Dickinson was on the series, according to a post on TV Over Mind.  The same post also states that she is a great replacement for Talley since she has been involved with several different areas of fashion  and her previous experience on reality TV shows will make this adjustment easier.

Prizes for This Cycle

According to an article on People Magazine‘s website, the prizes for this cycle are as follows:

This Cycle & Onward

This cycle will be interesting of course.  However, according to an article on, Banks and the rest of the Top Model crew is already planning on casting for cycles 19 and 20.  One has to wonder if these cycles – given the last two – will involve some sort of All-Star themed and will have top model hopefuls from other countries.

Cycle 18 premiers on February 29th.


America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 Winner Is

Ivan from IMG talked with both girls about why they wanted to models.  After words, the girls go through their CoverGirl day.

The girls find out that the product that they will be promoting in their commercial and print ad is the new Lip Perfection.  The unique thing about this commercial is that the girls where filmed from three different angles at once.

Molly’s commercial was a bit rocky while she was filming; whereas Brittani’s commercial seemed to go well while filming.  Both of their photo shots seemed to go well for CoverGirl.

When the girls arrived back at their model apartment; Molly’s parents where there.  Molly was of course happy that her parents where there; Brittani was disappointed because of the fact that her mother has a hard time leaving the apartment.  However, Brittani and her mother where able to talk via video chat.

For the runway show, the girls had to walk in several rooms like the runway teach that Brittani had won a few episodes back; in several different rooms.  So Brittani had a slight advantage.

Even with the slight advantage; Molly and Brittani where neck and neck.  Both of them rocked the runway; all though Brittani had a slight slip-or rather a large one.  Brittani fell prior to the last runway walk.  However, even with that fall; Brittani was still able to pull of a convincing runway walk at the end.

After the runway show ended, the girls found out that they where going to get one last makeover prior to the final judging.  Thankfully, Mr. Jay tweeted this earlier today with two pics:

@MrJayManuel#ANTM 16 finale 2nite @ 9/8c. We make the toughest decision ever… who should win?

I really like the make over that the girls received prior to judging.  Mainly since this is the first time that this has ever happened.

During the judging; the judges looked over the girls runways, commercial, and CoverGirl pics.

This is Molly’s CoverGirl Print Ad:

I think that Molly’s CoverGirl print ad is good.  But I really don’t like the over the shoulder action that she is doing here.

This is Brittani’s CoverGirl Print Ad:

I really love Brittani’s CoverGirl print ad.  All though the hand that is touching her hair looks really large; I think that Brittani’s ad is really amazing.

When the judges let the girls go so they could decided who would be the winner; it seemed that they leaned a lot towards Molly.  But, Brittani won.

All though Molly had top photos 3 times, Brittani’s look is truly amazing.

Congrats Brittani

ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 11

Ms. J shows up with the girl’s most updated portfolios and Ms. J and the girls get to have tea with Franca from Vogue Italia.  Hannah felt that Franca was looking a lot at Brittani.

After Tea, the girls get to see Noorl Talbi walk with a whole tea set on their heads.  After the girls got a chance to practice balancing, Miss J tells the girls that their challenge is walking with tea pots on their heads.  Miss J also tells the girls that there will be light candles on their trays.  However, the winner gets a one-on-one with Miss J.  Alexandria was the runner up, but Brittani was the winner of this challenge and shares in the challenge with Hannah.

During the photo shoot, Brittani had the extra challenge of being shot in the rain.  But she pulled through it.

Alexandria’s photo wasn’t what I expected it to be.  Tyra didn’t think that this wasn’t a high fashion.

Brittani’s photo was great; but her left arm disappeared.

Hannah’s shot was unique and according to Nigel; the most high fashion so far.

Molly’s photo was really high fashion.

Call out order

  1. Molly
  2. Brittani
  3. Hannah

ANTM Cycle 17

According to articles on the websites TV Latest & Entertainment, it sounds like Cycle 17 will feature some of the series All Stars-meaning some of the more memorable contestants.  Until we find out who’s on the official list; we can only guess.  But ANTM doing this isn’t that shocking and Cycle 17 should have tons of ups and downs.

ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 8 Recap

With there only being six girls left, it means that it is time for Go Sees.  However, before Tyra sends the girls out to the streets of LA; she goes over how the girl’s portfolios are put together.

The girls-after receiving their portfolios-found out that they were going to be heading to Morocco as the overseas destination.  Yet, there was a catch: only five of the six girls are going instead of the usual six.  Tyra told the girls that the Go-Sees were going to play a big part in who is going to Morocco.

For the Go-Sees, the girls had five Go-Sees.  Of course, there is a four hour time limit and anyone that doesn’t arrive at the last location after the four hours are up; the will be out of the running for the challenge.

As the girls try to make it to their Go-Sees, trying to navigation problems arouse for Jacyln and Brittani.  They both only made it to two of the five Go-Sees.

However-unlike in previous seasons-none of the girls arrived late to the location.  Yet, with Jacyln and Brittani’s two Go-See apparences, they weren’t members of the extra Go-See.

Molly, Kasia, and Alexandria were the ones that got the extra Go-See this week and it was for Lana Marks (who is this week’s special guest Judge).  All three did a very great job at the Lana Marks Go-See; yet Lana Marks noticed how Molly didn’t keep her pose when Molly though Marks wasn’t watching.

This lack of looking graceful allowed Alexandria to win the challenge-which is being a model for Lana Marks’ next campaign.

For the photo shoot, the girls where shot by Nigel Barker and in a landfill.  Some of the pictures included:


As you can tell from these three pictures, the girls had an unique backdrop for this week’s photo shoot.  Yet, there still could only be five who would get to overseas to Morocco.  So, as the judges delberated, the list for who got to go is:

  1. Alexandria
  2. Hannah
  3. Kasia
  4. Brittani
  5. Molly

Brittani’s shot saved her from being in the bottom two; but Hannah’s attitude and Jaclyn’s two Go-Sees put them in the bottom two.  Yet, only getting to two Go-Sees is why Jaclyn is out.

ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 7 Recap

Ok ladies and gentlemen, this week’s episode was nothing but action packed.

When the girls arrived back at the house, there were bags that had Warriors in Pink t-shirts.  This stood in for the usual Tyra Mail that the girls usual receive.

The following morning, the girls arrived at Smashbox Studios where they had a photo shot with none other than Nigel Barker.  Nigel informed the girls that they were going to do a photo shoot for Ford’s Warriors in Pink campaign and the winner of the challenge would get to have an ad campaign as well as a PSA for Breast Cancer Awareness.

If you are guessing Alexandria, you are right ladies and gentleman.  Amanda’s picture is really amazing in my opinion and I can see why Nigel picked her as the winner.

Alexandria is representing the Warriors in Pink symbol of Tree of Love-which according to Ford Cares, represents those who grow and stand together.

All though Alexandria picked the Warriors in Pink symbol that represents standing together and growing, Brittani doesn’t think that Alexandria deserves winning this challenge.  Brittani makes her opnion well known to the other girls and Alexandria over hears what Brittani says and gets into a mini-cat fight.

Not only did the cameras catch this little fight, but Nigel and the Ford representatives also over hear this argument.  Of course, those of us who have seen this series over the years and remember any of the situations that come up like this were a girl says something in front of a judge usually comes up during judging-but clearly Brittani and Alexandria didn’t think of that.

Plus, Brittani was also ruining the extra surprise Alexandria got of also winning a Ford Focus 2012.  Talk about being a poor sport Brittani.

Thankfully for Alexandria, Brittani and the other girls weren’t around when Nigel shot Alexandria’s campaign for Warriors in Pink.

Talk about having a dramatic day working.

Now, in the true spirit of America’s Next Top Model, the girls have to find out what this week’s photo shoot is in an interesting way.  What isn’t more interesting than being woken up at 6:45 AM by Miss J?  Miss J told the girls to get ready for the VIP treatment with getting a VIP tour with him at the Universal Studios.

As the tour the Universal Studios, Miss J being-the diva he is-decided to have a small photo shoot himself after the tour guide makes the suggestion.  Of course, Mr. Jay had to make a dramtic entrance by ‘stabbing’ Miss J.  It was a bit weird, but at least the girls had a few laughs.

After that, Jay tells the girls to head to hair and makeup because they have a special guest stylist-who would also be their guest judge.  Eric Damon is the stylist of the cast of Gossip Girl and styles the girls for their photo shoot with Miguel Starcevich.

This photo shoot had each of the girls crazy for something this week.  What the girls where crazy for is as follows:

  • Brittani-Shoes
  • Hannah-Handbags
  • Jaclyn-Make Up
  • Alexandria-Faux Fur
  • Molly-Accessories
  • Kasia-Hair
  • Mikaela-Sales

The girls did an amazing job this week.  But, judging this week was very dramatic.

Remember the cat fight that happened at the challenge this week?  Nigel did during judging.

After asking Alexandria about it, Brittani fills in the judges on the situation that has been going on at the house.  As Brittani explains what has been going at the house, both her and Alexandria both start whimpering.

After Brittani tells the judges everything that has gone on; the judges-mainly Tyra-tells Brittani that the things that go on at the house and in the girls personal lives basically have no business in the judging room.  As Tyra tells this to the girls, Brittani runs off.

After the commercial ends, Brittani braves the judges harsh critique of her.

As the judges deliberate, the majority of their conversation focuses on the tiff that Alexandria and Brittani had-mainly how Brittani acted.  Tyra explains-for us viewers-how she isn’t the only one who decides to stay and who goes home.

Thankfully for Brittani, Tyra was the only one who voted to send Brittani home.

The calling order for the pictures this week was:

  1. Jaclyn
  2. Molly
  3. Hannah
  4. Kasia
  5. Alexandria
  6. Brittani

Mikaela was sadly the one who was sent who.  Yet, Tyra told Mikaela that she has confidence that Mikael will be able to do well if she can just learn how to smile with her eyes.

How ever, Brittani was told that she is lucky that the other three judges voted to keep her and that Brittani has to figure out how to prove herself.  Which may be difficult next week, because next the girls have Go-Sees  and we all know that there will be at least one girl who arrive late after the allowed time limit passes.  Plus, the preview is making it sound like that the Go-Sees will play a major part in the next judging.

ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 7 Photos

This week’s photos was themed “Crazy for _____.”  This is I what I think of the pictures this week.

Alexandria’s photo this week wasn’t the greatest for me.  I believe that she has done better photo shoots in the last few weeks and she should of been able to do a better job than this.

Brittani’s photograph this week is-what I believe at least-to be her best photo to date.  I love how she doesn’t necessary look like the Brittani we have all come to know and love.

I like Hannah’s photo this week, the one thing I just don’t like for her photo are the clock and the dishes in the lower right corner.  They seem out of place for this picture.  But, thankfully, Hannah’s facial expression for this photo is amazing and you can see with a close up that there is something out of the frame that is scaring her slightly-or at least making her clutch her bags.

I think Jacyln’s shot her is a pretty strong one of her, but not as strong as it could or should be.  I really like how it looks like she can’t put on lipstick.  I also love the framing that is happening in the upper corners-it helps gives the photo a slightly darker feel to it.

Kasia’s photo leaves something to be desired here.  I don’t feel the emotion that she is supposed to be conveying here.  It feels very posed like a shot of someone who saw a camera and thought themselves, ‘Wait a second and let me get into a better pose to make myself look better.”

Mikaela’s photo has some great action in it with her throwing the present up into the air and her actually following it with her eyes.  It looks like she is saying, ‘you can come down any second now.’

Molly, Molly, Molly…what can we say about you this week?  Your photo has this vibe to it like you are trying hard.  But it’s a good thing you are trying hard in this photo, cause it works with the accessories you are wearing this week.

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