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Music Videos as Publicity

This past Friday, I attended a portfolio presentation that was given by my boss ~ and friend ~ Krysta that was apart of her major.  One of the things that she touched on was branding and I have been thinking about the whole branding and rebranding thing over the weekend.  Then I got to thinking about the use of social media and how that is becoming a big part of branding and marketing now a days.

Granted, I was thinking more in terms of marketing for Bemidji State University with a social media focus.  And with the social media focus, I starting thinking about the two music videos ~ that I know about ~ that have been made by BSU students.  The one that is a parody both in terms of the song and music video: Bemidji State of Mind.  This video was made and published  little over a year ago.  THe description for Bemidji State of Mind is as follows:

The second video is: Call Me Maybe B-Town Style.  This one was made and uploaded almost to the day after the first video.  This one is just several BSU students doing some interesting dance scenes that are edited together.  Granted, I like the latter of the two videos I like more since it’s much more entertaining.

With that said, I think that colleges and universities have a potential way of marketing themselves: by encouraging their students to make homemade music videos like the ones that I linked to above.  Or possibly encourage their students to posts videos ~ that may not get as many hits ~ of “dance parties” like this one:

The reason why universities should encourage this is simple, in my mind:  free marketing as well as they showcase the creative and fun side of the university.  All though higher education isn’t meant to be straight up fun, these kinds of videos could allow colleges and universities to gain enough of an interest by a perspective student for them to apply.


Wikis Quickly Revisited

February 13, 2012 Leave a comment

After my last blog post, I went back and worked on a wiki page for Bemidji State University.  All though I still want to inset photos, I am happy with learning how to work with the Wiki and I came with with a layout that I like.  On the right hand side, I put the undergraduate majors and the graduate programs; and on the left hand, I had put basic information about the school there.  I think considering I’ve never really used Wikis before, this is a good jumping off point thus far.

Work on Wikis

February 12, 2012 Leave a comment

For Weblogs & Wikis, we had to read up on working on Wikis.  To be honest, this will probably be the hardest thing for me in the class.  The reason is because unlike blogging and Twitter; I, like my classmate Ivory Hilliard, I have never dipped my toes in a Wiki.

Not Picture Perfect Yet

The thing I have learned about working with the class wiki is that the pictures will be the hardest part for me.  I attempted to insert a picture into the wiki page I did on Bemidji State University and the wiki page on me.  I think that this is due to the fact that I have worked with blog posts enough to know how blog posts and pictures work.

I Googled how to put a picture in a Wiki and Wikipedia has a page on it.  That page seems slightly helpful, but not really.  And of course, looking at other pages on the class wiki isn’t as helpful as I would like.

Markup is for Magazines, Markdown is for Wikis

I believe that apart of the issue for the picture issue is that I don’t understand the markdown process.  Markdown just being the style in which we write on the pages.  I am use to HTML to an extent since I use to work on the BSU Student Senate website last year.

Bringing in Levinson on Wikis

Something I can see the upside about Wikis and Wikipedia is that they bring in sources on information on a topic much quicker than having to do several Google searches.  All though Levinson refers to Tim Russert’s death – who ever that is – in this book, I will use the example Whitney Houston’s Death.

Whitney Houston’s Death

Yesterday at 12:45 PM, my cell phone received this tweet from one of the people I’m following:

I did not see this tweet nearly four plus hours later since I was busy doing an interview process for the BSU Res Life department.  In over a day, Houston’s Wikipedia page grew from a short paragraph on here death to this:

The nice thing about Wikipedia is that the footnotes that each page has – or should have – is that they bring the reader to the website that the info is taken from.

Newspaper or Encyclopedia?  Both?  Neither?

Levinson asks what Wikipedia is?  To be honest, I view Wikipedia to be the jumping off point of research.  The reason why is because Wikipedia is updated fast, but it does give the resources that the writer of the page(s) used.

Now, the nice thing about Wikis – and according to class, Wikipedia is a wiki – is that they, like blogs, can focus on a particular subject matter.  Wikipedia is marketed as an online encyclopedia and it basically is.  But the nice thing about wikis on particular subject matters is that you have people working on the same information to get it right.

Back Channeling, Something I Learned From Grey’s Anatomy

January 30, 2012 4 comments

Back Channeling is where a person who is in a lecture, watching TV or movies, at an open forum – speech, demonstration, etc – and so on to keep people up to date on what ever topic(s) that are being covered.

The first time that I have been exposed to Back Channeling in this sense is in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy towards the end of the summer and the start of the school year.  The episode is entitled Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go).  I was able to track down via YouTube nearly nine and a half minutes of clips from this episode:

Episode Arguing Points

The episode made the following points:

  • If there isn’t enough room that fits everyone – in this case, surgery room – Twitter allows someone to Tweet and inform a wide verity of people
  • Tweeting during a surgery allows for a further chances to educate surgeons
  • Surgeons from across the country – and world – can allow surgeons to suggest possible surgical tips
Arguing Points From Class

During one of the class periods of #en3177, Professor Morgan stated that all though some people complain about how the use of twitter distracts you from what ever they are saying or doing.  But in all actuality, people who are tweeting are actually paying attention due to the fact that in order for you to tweet, you have to pay attention to what the person is saying.

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I Learned a New Term From #en3177

January 28, 2012 3 comments

During the first week of class this term, I learned a new term that is important for anyone who uses online social network sites – such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc – should know: bookmarklets.  All though I have used/seen the “Press This” bookmarklet before for WordPress, I’ve never known the proper term for it before.  Bookmarklets seem to to make things to easier in a sense.  I actually found a bookmarklet for twitter so I can insert symbols into my tweets:

Levinson on Facebook

January 27, 2012 1 comment
MySpace VS Facebook

Levinson starts off the chapter by explaining the differences between MySpace and Facebook.  He describes the differences in a phrase he calls “First Love Syndrome.”

Subjective Differences

Levinson’s principle is that we love what we first experience.  He explains this theory by using the argument that for people who read the Lord of the Rings before the series, they fell in love with the book series.  The people who saw the movies first fell in love with the movies.

All though I agree with Levinson on the First Love Syndrome, MySpace has been around longer – only by a month roughly – but Facebook has more than double the users.  Not only that, but I had signed up for MySpace prior to Facebook.  All though I had gotten use to MySpace and everything, I joined Facebook due to the fact that more of my friends where on Facebook.  I think it is not so much of a First Love thing, but rather where most of our friends are.

This falls under what Levinson talks about in terms of what the website do for the user needs.  For me, the need was to connect with my friends.

Objective Differences

Levinson states:

Facebook has a much higher ratio of real-life friends than does MySpace.

I believe that the above statement would be more appropriate if Levinson was talking about Facebook in regards of Twitter, not MySpace.  The reason why I say this is because with Twitter, you can have someone who you aren’t friends following you.  Where as with Facebook and MySpace, there is a better chance that you know the person you Friend Request.

Levinson states how that he knows:

…a quarter of my current 2,000 Friends on Facebook .

In contrast, I know at most perhaps 100 of the 6,000 Friends I have on MySpace.

All though I do not know the exact reasons as to why Levinson has that amount of friends on either account, but it might have something to do with the fact that Levinson’s position as a professor might influence the reason why he has so many friends.

Facebook as a Research Tool

Levinson makes the argument that with when the web fails to aid us in find information for research, that Facebook can aid us to getting information.  I agree with this due to the fact that I serve on Student Senate.  There are cases where we have to get information from our fellow students and Facebook allows us to get information quicker and more of it.

Is There Still Space for MySpace?

January 27, 2012 Leave a comment

I remember the first real social media website it was: MySpace.  I joined because everyone else had one.  I know, lame excuse.  But still, I joined because I wanted to know what the deal was with MySpace.  Yet, it was interesting to see what Levinson had to say about it.

Who Doesn’t Want Friends?

MySpace’s Tagline is “A Place For Friends.”  This tagline is true, Myspace is a place for Friends to connect.  MySpace is a place for friends.  MySpace – very much like the much preferred Facebook – is a place where for friends to connect.

However, they have ditched it with the makeover that they did.  When I had Googled “MySpace’s Tagline,” I found this tweet:

The link in the tweet – if you check it out – leads you to a page on Tumblr.  The page tells how MySpace is now more of a place now for people people to gather and share music.

A New Way For A Record Deal, But Can You?

In the chapter that Levinson talks about MySpace, he discusses how the music industry has changed in terms of how one is discovered.  Back in the “good old days” of being discovered at a concert or in a bar, where a Record Label Rep could easily see how someone responds to the musician.

With MySpace – YouTube for Justin Bieber – has made it easier in a sense for Label Reps to find new musicians based on how many people “follow” the potential musician.

The Question Still Stands

However, the question still is if there is any space for MySpace?  The reason why I ask is due to the fact that Levinson brings up how new new media changes old media.  In this case, Facebook has changed MySpace.

Facebook has made MySpace to be less used because Facebook is the more well known house hold product, whereas MySpace has become the house hold product that almost every tenth house seems to use.  Therefore, it is no shock that MySpace had to change it’s business plan.  Yet, does that mean that we still have a great need for MySpace?

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